On an online market specializing in buying and selling Australian seafood, one tail of lobster weighs 300 grams, costing 30 Australian dollars (nearly 500,000 VND), equivalent to 1.5 million VND per kg. However, if buying wholesale, the price is only about 1.1-1.3 million. In restaurants in Vietnam, lobster tail prices of 240 grams per processed fish are about 5 million VND per kg.

According to traders in Australia, the majority of lobster tails are caught naturally, purchased, cleaned and packaged individually by enterprises.

Published on: 6/7/19, 1:32 PM

You don't need to study well or work in technology to become a millionaire.

Published on: 5/23/19, 2:48 PM

Christina Stembel once thought playing flowers was a waste of money. But when the world economy went down, she earned millions of dollars every year from this industry.

Published on: 5/23/19, 2:44 PM

With smart ways, the rich in the UAE make money to make money constantly causing everyone to crave.

Published on: 5/23/19, 2:41 PM

Scandinavia is an area in Northern Europe consisting of three countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This area inherited Viking culture but was also famous for its expensive nature. The products of television, cars or any kind of goods, consumers have to pay the highest price in the world.

Published on: 5/22/19, 3:08 PM

In his whole life, Hà Hồng Sân always works hard and attaches great importance to efficiency. His motto is always: "Today's work is not for tomorrow". If there are unfinished work or ideas, they will be written and executed in the shortest time.

Published on: 5/22/19, 3:02 PM

Huawei's failure will be the opportunity of many other companies, including Nokia!

Published on: 5/22/19, 2:57 PM

Following the US Government order, ARM was asked to stop cooperating with Huawei, pushing the Chinese manufacturer into a situation where it could no longer produce the chip itself.

Published on: 5/22/19, 2:51 PM

Aston Plaza and Residences will launch an offering of 150 apartments and buyers can pay with Bitcoin, CNNMoney.

Published on: 5/22/19, 2:49 PM

American self-made millionaires insist: if you achieve financial freedom, money will work for you and you will retire from the age of 30.
After trying to save and calculate his decision to invest more than half of his six-year earnings, Chris Reining accumulated enough savings in his bank account to give up his job and retire at very young age: 37 years old. However, in the past, this self-made millionaire was once a person who did not know how to spend and save reasonably.

Published on: 5/22/19, 2:46 PM